Picture © 2011 Julia Franken

one guy – Berlin based – electronics – violin – soldered sound-producing circuits

Which situations do you try to avoid?

Situations that imply social stress like confrontations.

You have just arrived in a new surrounding. Name four spots where you would feel at home!

I’m pretty flexible and can easily feel at home in a lot of places.

Try to illustrate your last 24 hours with words!

rehearsing a theater play with fellow musicians and actors – picking up a friend at the station – failing to buy a basil plant, buying much-too-expensive basil leaves, a pepperoni, grana padano and capellini – making pesto and cooking pasta – eating pasta and pesto – falling into my bed – waking up to a stupid commercial telephone call

Which plant would you like to imitate?

krrrr plant.

What do you see when you close your eyes?

A psychedelic lightshow of fluorescent circles and blobs in front of a dark background.